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 About Us...   Dick & Dora's restaurant is a landmark in Massapequa, established in 1933. The Kannavos family, who own the restaurant, instilled a European work ethic in their children which they have used to combine traditional Dick & Dora classics with contemporary Euro-American Cuisine. As a family, their devotion and passion to Dick & Dora's restaurant has created a welcoming atmoshpere to their many loyal customers. In addition, the professionalism of the staff and creative cuisine has attracted a new clientele to this classic waterfront niche.

Dick and Dora Restaurant
33 Alhambra Rd
Massapequa, NY - 11758
Tel: 516-798-0202
 Special Instructions: 3 lights East of Rt. 107 and South on Alhambra Rd.
 Hours of Operation:
Tuesday     3:30P - 9:00P
Wednesday     3:30P - 9:00P
Thursday     3:30P - 9:00P
Friday     3:30P - 10:00P
Saturday     3:30P - 10:00P
Sunday     1:00P - 9:00P
 Credit Processing: 

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